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BioWare explains why Mass Effect • . doesn't work

BioWare explains why Mass Effect • . doesn’t work

Formatting will limit creators.

In 2010, Legendary Pictures purchased the rights to the Mass Effect series, but the film was not eventually made. Many years later, BioWare explains why the project was not implemented.

– We had the impression that we constantly quarrel with the brand – says W Interview Mac Walters is the director of the Business Insider trilogy. What story will we be able to tell in 90 to 120 minutes? Are we going to do it right? – He adds.

The developer asserts that after a change of management at Legendary Pictures, the theme of the Mass Effect show was never returned and no attempts were made to create a movie.

However, Walters believes it is only a matter of time until Hollywood reconsiders the cosmic universe. He argues that the best format for a potential adaptation of the series would be a television series

When creating a game in the Mass Effect franchise, we have a skeleton, a general story we want to tell, but each stage or mission is like one episode of the series. They are not created in advance, but only when we get to the right moment. They are added to the main plot, and sometimes the main plot is adapted because we did something really cool in an episode like this,” he explains.

The track that Walters mentions was chosen for The Last of Us. Initially, it was planned to produce a movie based on the adventures of Joel and Ellie, but in the end it was decided to tell the series a more intimate and calm story.

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