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Amal Bint Cash on the arguments with Camelia Jordana and Vita: “Tears for a Changing Agreement”

This is the director we must remember from Friday, June 4, 2021: Amal Bint, Camelia Jordana, Vita, and their greatest hits on the album join forces. sister. The three artists – all signed to the same label – give us a great selection of covers. If the result was clean and harmonious, then sometimes recording the composition was not part of the fun.

in the corridor to indulge (RTL) On Thursday, June 3, 2021, Amal Bint admitted to several differences between her sisters. “We reinvented each of his songs and it was an emotional lift for the three songs, Trust before you give an example. Sometimes a little grouchy. But why did you touch this note? I care about him. In fact, there were tears for a deal that was changed. “

These tears and other arguments above all testify to the fact that the songs that are performed are very important to Vita, Camellia Jordana and Amal Bent. They have reached their peak and the happiness of their fans.It’s also good as an artist to realize how much we love our songs and our songs. They’re telling a very powerful part of our story, with our audience, and they change a small part of those things, It’s almost betrayal sometimes. I’ve lived like thisAmal Bent explains.

Light years away from being a girl group, Camelia Jordana, Vita, and Amal Bent especially want to celebrate the fact that three powerful and well-known artists are uniting for a great project. “These songs are small parts of us, when we’ve been singing them for over ten years, they stick to our skin and we know every nook and cranny…chord, it can break your heart. It’s hard to give up. Once that’s done, on the other hand, it’s like giving birth, it’s comforting‘, argues an interpreter my philosophy In an interview with 20 minutes Friday afternoon. All three are happy to release an album in their picture and tunes of that time, which are firmly back in fashion.

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