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Amazon destruye hasta 200,000 productos en buen estado que fueron devueltos o no vendidos por semana

Amazon destroys up to 200,000 good, returned or unsold products per week

It was announced by ITV News Amazon destroys millions of unsold items that are often new and unused.

The outlet reports that waste is being transported to staggering levels and this is only from one of the 24 logistics centers currently operating in the UK.

Secret footage revealed that the Amazon Dunfermline warehouse was Destroy smart TVs, laptops, drones, hair dryers, high-end headphones and computer drivesbooks, and thousands of sealed face masks, among many other products.

This is an item that has never been sold or returned by a customer. The report notes that everything could have been redistributed to charities or people in need, but instead put into large containers and trucked to recycling centers or even landfills.

A former employee said, “From Friday to Friday, our goal was to destroy 130,000 items per week overall Remembers seeing Dyson fans, Hoovers, MacBooks, iPads, and up to 20,000 face masks against Covid, still in to understand.

According to the leaked information, in one week of April, more than 124,000 items were marked for “destroy” and in return only 28,000 were classified as “donation.” Although according to the director’s statements, Up to 200,000 items can be marked as ‘destroyed’ In a week.

The reason this happens is that many sellers choose to store their products in Amazon warehouses, but the longer the merchandise is not sold, the more the company will cost to store. Thus, it is cheaper to dispose of goods, especially stocks from abroad, than to continue to stockpile inventory.

In a previous interview for the report, Amazon UK President John Pomfrey He commented that the amount damaged by the company is “too small”..

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What Amazon does is not illegal and in response to visual testimonies from the investigation, the company responded: “We are working towards a zero-product disposal goal and our priority is to resell, donate to charities, or recycle any unsold product.”

According to the company, no items are sent to landfills in the UK and as a last resort these items are sent for energy recovery, “But we are working hard to reduce the number of times this happens to zero.”Amazon said.

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