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Obajtek reached an agreement with members of the Polska Press union.  Employees will receive wage increases.  There will also be other benefits

Obajtek reached an agreement with members of the Polska Press union. Employees will receive wage increases. There will also be other benefits

Orlen reached an agreement with the Polska Press labor unions on a pay increase. The company said the increases could cover up to 70 percent. crew. The official reads that the scale of salary increase varies and depends on the level of salary received the message Comp.

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Daniel Obajtek on increasing salaries for Polska Press employees: We have a plan

The increases aren’t the only benefit. “In addition, all employees will receive an ORLEN shopping card this year and will be covered by benefits” – reports the press office of the fuel giant.

The case was commented on by Daniel Obajtek, president of PKN Orlen. “We keep our word to the staff. We have signed an important agreement with representatives of the social side at Polska Press,” he wrote on Twitter. “This is a very important step that enables the long-term development of the company and its employees. […] “We have a plan and we know how to develop the company so that it is beneficial to our shareholders and also to the employees themselves,” he added.

“We are a company with a 10-20-30 year perspective. We bought Polska Press to develop it. We must be a leading company in the region. We have the right and we must be a reliable intermediary” – he said during a meeting with employees. He also emphasized that Polska Press “has great potential”, which the company “want to take full advantage of, creating a robust media group that generates revenue but caters to local communities”.

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Polska Press is losing users drastically after being taken over by PKN Orlen

Orlen and Polska Press employees will sign a new collective agreement

However, there will be more changes. During the meeting on the increase in wages, plans for the development of the Polska Press were discussed and it was agreed to start work on a collective labor agreement for companies. New regulations will be in place by the end of this year.

Orlen signed the final purchase agreement for Polska Press Group in March. Thus, he became the owner of a publishing house with 20 newspaper titles in its portfolio and portals used by a total of more than 17 million users. In April, Competition and Consumer Protection accepted the human rights defender’s request and suspended the decision of the head of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, which authorizes the merger of companies. In justifying the judgment we read that the parties to the transaction should “refrain from implementing the focus”. Daniel Obajtek claims that the acquisition of Polska Press occurred before the court’s decision, so in his opinion it does not mean “nothing” and that Orlen has the right to “exercise its rights arising from the stock acquisition”.

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