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An arrest warrant for Nelson Mandela will soon be auctioned at NFT

An arrest warrant for Nelson Mandela will soon be auctioned at NFT

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A request for an arrest warrant for Nelson Mandela dating back to 1961 will be auctioned soon. Except the buyer wouldn’t own it in person, but virtually, since it’s an NFT sale: so it will have a digital replica plus the title deed.

With our correspondent in Johannesburg, Claire Barglis

Organized in Cape Town and online by The Momint Company, this major auction offers virtually access to various works by South African and international artists. but the axis This is a request for an arrest warrant against Nelson Mandela since 1961.

The auction will open for 900,000 rand, or more than 50,000 euros and the future buyer will receive a digital copy of the document, as well as a unique title deed form in the form of “ Non-replaceable code This NFT certifies possession of the commodity and its authenticity.

Selling to support the Liliesleaf Museum

The amount raised will support the Liliesleaf Museum, which maintains the physical copy of the document, which has closed due to financial difficulties. The buyer can also resell the NFT later if desired.

This isn’t Momint’s first attempt, as the sale of the NFT was already organized in South Africa in November 2021, with a digital replica of a rhino horn purchased for more than €6,000 that funded the species’ preservation.

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