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An average of 14 million players a month play in Valoranta

An average of 14 million players a month play in Valoranta

Today, the representatives of Riot Games, known in the first place League of LegendsOfficially announce it Valuest, an online shooter, will soon infect mobile devices. However, this is not the end of the reports about the free shooter – the creators have boasted that it is gaining popularity every month, and Currently, an average of 14 million players per month play it.

Moreover, on the occasion of the first birthday of this title, the developers promised that different gifts and rewards will be given to players throughout the month to make their gameplay even more fun – at the moment it has been revealed that they will be getting Free seasonal pass for the coming weeks.

valuation It is a multiplayer first-person shooter where two teams of 5 fight against each other in small arenas. Players can use Overwatch mode for a group of characters with specific abilities, which introduces an element of tactics into one-on-one battles, as the ability to take on opponents is just as important as reactions. as with Legend Universitys, it’s a free game, but you can find a lot of cosmetic content for purchase in the play store.

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