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No Man's Sky - Post Update Improves Game Graphics

No Man’s Sky – Post Update Improves Game Graphics

Hello Games No Man’s Sky space simulator brings the next big update: Prism brings, among other things, more detailed biomes, improved rain effects and reflections, flying companion animals, and a revised portrait mode. DLSS 2.0 from Nvidia is also supported.

La Man’s Sky…

No Man's Sky… look into the future …

No Man's Sky…even more beautiful

The developers show the most important new features of the Prism update in a video. The update with version 3.5 is mainly aimed at improving the graphics of No Man’s Sky significantly. For example, roofs can now get wet from rain and then realistically reflect ambient light. In general, the game now supports Screen Space Reflection (SSR) technology, providing reflective surfaces for space stations and other areas.

Innovations also include support for volumetric lighting and parallax occlusion mapping. Current Nvidia RTX graphics card owners can activate Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS 2.0) in-game and benefit from improved performance.

Photo mode improves control and quality for depth of field as well as manual aperture settings. Players are now also allowed to adopt more animals as companions and even fly on some of them. Some species can now also have fur.

Details about these and some other innovations Summarize the developers on the website of the game.

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