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Telekom problem: No phone call with Fritzbox – who does it affect?

As of March 15, 2022, Telekom customers with Fritzbox will have a major worst-case problem: phone failure.  Our icon image was made in 2011.

In the worst case, Telekom customers with Fritzbox will have a big problem as of March 15, 2022: phone failure. Our icon image was made in 2011.

Attention, Telekom customers: if you have a Fritzbox at home, you may be waiting for a nasty surprise. In the worst case, they soon won’t be able to make calls.

The Fritzbox has been a popular router in German homes for many years. However, there is now an issue that is likely to bother many customers.

“There will be an update on our network on March 15, 2022. Then unrestricted use of Fritzbox is only possible with firmware version 7.29. If your FRITZ! Box has version 7.25, you will not be able to make calls from March 15, 2022. It will still Your internet access is available,” he explains Telecom Now online. The blog post also links to guidelines for those affected who have to perform a manual update.

Telekom: Fritzbox update urgently needed

In short, this means:

  • Anyone who does not have the said update will have to stop making calls as of March 15, 2022.
  • There is an urgent need for an update.
  • However, there is good news: the Internet will still work without any problems.

But what is the cause of the problem? According to Telekom, FritzOS versions 7.25 to 7.28 contain a configuration error. FritzOS is the name of the operating system installed on Fritz boxes.

The group explains how important the update is: “With version 7.25, AVM used the TLS interface for encrypted communication. However, the RTP media stream is sent unencrypted and this is not allowed by security standards. If you are using firmware earlier than 7.25, phone connections will continue to work However, we recommend that you always update your routers.”

Fritzbox was first introduced at CeBIT in 2004 by communications specialist AVM in Berlin. From 1986 to 2018, CeBIT was one of the largest international IT trade fairs. It was held in Hanover every year. (document)