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Firefox 89 with a new interface - Computerworld

Firefox 89 with a new interface – Computerworld

Mozilla has introduced a redesigned user interface for the latest version of Firefox (numbered 89). It’s called Proton, and according to its creators, it’s much easier to use, for example with more vertical space for tabs.

The interface has a different color scheme, in addition to changing the structure of the active tab, which now supports focus and signals that tabs can be scrolled easily. However, users who are accustomed to the previous interface and do not like the changes can always refer to it by making the appropriate change to the configuration file for this option (browser.proton.enabled).

Firefox 89 comes with updated info bars and the context menu works natively on macOS. Mozilla has also decided to introduce non-native web form controls that improve the look and feel of pages that load faster.

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Another novelty is that after switching to private mode, the Full Cookie Protection option is immediately activated by default. This is a very useful mechanism that creates a separate set of cookies for each website the user visits, so that they cannot track them down by exchanging this information with each other.

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