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Analysts say Netflix could gain a lot from fighting account split

Analysts say Netflix could gain a lot from fighting account split

We recently reported to you that Netflix has started testing features that will help the platform combat user account sharing. It turns out that the dissatisfaction of subscribers does not necessarily translate into losses recorded by the company. This move can be profitable.

This information was provided by Wall Street analysts, who, by making the appropriate calculations, concluded that Netflix can win huge amounts of money in this fight. Let us remind you that the platform is testing a fee that will allow you to legally share your account with people outside your household. This is what analysts see as a great opportunity to make money.

What amounts are we talking about? Undoubtedly, it was inconceivable to an ordinary bread eater, but they tended to offer specific values Experts from Quinn & Co. In their opinion, offering the aforementioned option worldwide would give Netflix up to $1.6 billion more, which would be 4% more than projected in 2023.

On the other hand, we got a less optimistic analysis of the streaming platform from Benchmark Co. According to them, introducing the fee wouldn’t give Netflix more profits, even assuming half of the users would pay for the password-sharing option.

At the same time, we would like to remind you that the job is currently being tested in three countries in South America – Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. This, of course, is only a testing phase, which will likely soon be extended to other countries.