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Toyota re-adjusts domestic production plan

Toyota re-adjusts domestic production plan

TOKYO – Multinational car company Toyota was forced to extend the suspension of operations at its plants in Japan in May and June, due to a shortage of components.

When publishing the corresponding schedule, the company stated, “Due to the reductions in the supply of spare parts due to the confinement in Shanghai, we have decided to suspend operations in May and June.”

The suspension will affect 16 of 28 production lines at 10 of Toyota’s 14 plants in Japan.

The global production plan for June is about 850,000 units [250 mil en Japón y 600 mil en el extranjero]. Due to the impact of the semiconductor shortage, we have revised our production plan by tens of thousands of units globally compared to the figures provided to our suppliers at the beginning of the year. [2021]’, said the company.

The global production plan for the period from June to August is about 850 thousand cars, and the plan for the fiscal year 2023 is 9.7 million units.

In its statement, Toyota acknowledged that it is difficult to look to the future due to semiconductor shortages, the spread of Covid-19 and other factors, but promises that it will continue to “do everything in its power to deliver the largest number of vehicles to customers as quickly as possible.”



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