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Three quarters of Poles expect specific actions in the field of sustainable development of brands. Nearly a third check out these initiatives, according to a “Green Mood” report by research firm GfK. The increasing importance of green trends means that we are increasingly using innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, such as parcel machines. We also eagerly reach out to eco products. In this case, however, the extremely high prices of this type of goods are a significant barrier.

Protecting the environment and pursuing a sustainable way of doing business has become a core component of the brand’s strategy. In this way, companies respond not only to current challenges in the field of environment, but also to the attitudes of consumers, whose awareness is systematically increasing. According to GfK, 73 percent. Some of them say it is important for businesses to engage and take environmental action.

Buyers are no longer satisfied with ads alone. In the age of easy access to information, consumers can quickly and easily check the activities that companies are doing, and most importantly – they are doing it more and more. Emphasis on, among other things conclusions from the “State Green” report. Shows that nearly 30 percent. Poles are taking advantage of these opportunities and actively seeking information on the brand’s green practices – says Mateusz Zubkovic, client business partner at GfK.

Ecology is also important to Poles in everyday life. GfK data shows that 26 percent. of consumers feel guilty for not behaving in an environmentally friendly manner. Interestingly, differences in the statements are clearly visible depending on the age of the respondents. This view is more common among older consumers. It is shared by every third responder. In contrast, in the case of representatives of generation Z, that is, people born after 1995, every fifth is the buyer.

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What determines environmental attitudes?

According to a “Green Mood” report, more than 70 percent. Poles save energy and water in their homes, for example by using energy-saving lamps or turning off lights. Increasingly, we’re choosing quality over quantity, and 60 percent. Buyers buy only what they really need.

To date, consumers have cited the desire to protect the environment as the main motive for such actions. This is likely to change in the coming months. The deteriorating economic situation may cause more people to start reducing their consumption, and therefore water and energy use. However, we will not do this for environmental reasons, but for the desire to look for more savings – explains Mateusz Zubkovic.

What do consumers expect?

Despite the obvious desire to use ecological products, buyers are limited in their home budgets. Regardless of the age of respondents, nearly half of Poles admit that green alternatives to many products are expensive. According to expert GfK, buyers are increasingly appreciating innovation in business.

Consumers are eager to use modern amenities that save time on the one hand, and also reduce carbon emissions on the other. Our buying positions are a good example that reflects this trend. Already 72 per cent. of buyers use automated parcel machines when sending or receiving parcels, and nearly half of them buy products in reusable packages – Mateusz Zubkowicz confirms.