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Amazon automates tasks with Proteus

Amazon automates tasks with Proteus

Las vigas.- Amazon has unveiled a new series of robotic machines and systems that use the AWS cloud to function properly, including the first fully autonomous robot that the company says can safely work alongside humans on the warehouse floor.

The robot, named Proteus, will automate the movement of large, heavy parcel carts that are currently being manually pushed by workers through fulfillment areas and sorting centers where existing new Amazon machines cannot go. In addition, with the data captured by sensors and sent to the company’s cloud, it will be possible to improve equipment, better understand how to work more efficiently, predict work, safety and maintenance.

Proteus moves autonomously through the facility using advanced security, awareness, and navigation technology developed by Amazon. The robot is designed to be automatically directed to do its job and move between employees, which means it doesn’t have to be confined to restricted areas,” said Tay Brady, chief technology officer of Amazon Robotics.

The technology featured on Amazon re:-MARS is part of a wave of automation aimed at improving productivity and safety in company warehouses. Jeff Bezos faces constant scrutiny over infection rates, and the problem has helped spark a union uprising in his executive network, issues he hopes to resolve with these teams.

Reimagining an automated warehouse, it’s revolutionary. Workers will have more time to improve the delivery and logistics process. Eliminating risk is important to our people and is a model that can be replicated in the very short term. Proteus has independent sensors and software to avoid accidents with warehouse employees, Brady explains.

The company turned to robots 10 years ago.

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