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„Rada Europejska zdecydowała o statusie kandydata do UE dla Ukrainy i Mołdawii. To historyczny moment” – napisał na Twitterze przewodniczący Rady Europejskiej Charles Michel. Ta decyzja ma przede wszystkim znaczenie polityczne i symboliczne.

Ukraine and Moldova are formal candidates for EU membership

The European Council decided to place an EU candidate for Ukraine and Moldova. This is a historic moment, Charles Michel, President of the European Council, said on Twitter. This decision is primarily political and symbolic.

The President of the Council congratulated the leaders and citizens of the two countries. “Today is a major step on your path to the European Union,” he added.

“Our future is shared” – summed up.

President Volodymyr Zelensky welcomed the decision to grant Ukraine the status of a candidate country to join the European Union. Moldova’s President Maya Sandu has declared that the EU granting her country the status of a candidate country to join the group is a “historic day”. “We have a difficult road ahead, which will require a lot of work and effort” – She added.

Michel also said that EU leaders have decided to recognize it Georgia’s European perspective. “EU candidate status will be granted after priority issues are addressed,” he said.

The President of the European Commission also commented on the matter Ursula von der Leyen. “Today is a good day for Europe. Congratulations to President (Volodymyr Ukraine) Zelensky, President (Moldova May) Sandu and Prime Minister (Georgia Irakli) Garibashvili. Your countries are part of our European family. This is confirmed by today’s historic decision of leaders.”

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She added that this decision “strengthens us all.” “It strengthens Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia in the face of Russian imperialism and strengthens the European Union because it shows the world once again that we are united and strong in the face of external threats.” – I confirmed.

There could be no better sign of hope for the citizens of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia in these trying times. I am convinced that our decision we made today strengthens us all. It strengthens Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia in the face of Russian aggression. It strengthens the EU because it shows the world once again that the EU is united and strong in the face of external threats. von der Leyen said.

She also expressed her conviction that Ukraine and Moldova will carry out reforms quickly, not only because the European Union requires it, but above all because the citizens of these countries will benefit from them.

“This is a historic day for Europe. This is a great moment for Europe to unite and defend its core values. The struggle for freedom continues!” – Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote, commenting on the fact that Ukraine has received the status of EU candidate.

For Russia, having candidate status means that Ukraine and Moldova have the right to choose which organizations they want to join. The decision is also a signal that the EU agrees that Ukraine and Moldova belong to the Western world and that Moscow cannot claim any rights to them.

This decision is primarily political and symbolic. The status does not mean quick membership in the European Union or even a quick start to accession negotiations.

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Ukraine and Moldova have to adopt all EU laws, and negotiate exceptions and transition periods. According to many diplomats, the EU will have to adopt internal reforms in order to be able to accept such a large country in the future.

The path to membership in Ukraine and Moldova will be very long, but today’s decision gives these countries possibilities that did not exist until now.

The Permanent Representative of Poland to the European Union, Andrzej Sadoś, stated that the unanimous decision of the European Council to accept Ukraine’s application for candidate status is a milestone on the path to membership in the European Union.

Aside from the obvious political significance of this historic decision, Ukraine is gaining tangible economic benefits. For example, access to financial instruments before joining. It is now a 2021-2027 pre-joining aid. As with other EU candidate countries, we expect the Commission to prepare an economic and investment plan for Ukraine, supporting major reforms in the transport, climate and energy sectors. This targeted financial support is expected to significantly accelerate Ukraine’s adjustment of the EU’s European Air Quality Index (AQI) standards. The ambassador added.

In addition, as a close ally of the EU, Ukraine may aspire to deepen cooperation with the EU on issues beyond just accession issues, by “participating in various council forms, or working groups dealing for example with digitalisation, combating disinformation or threats.” Hybrid” – noted Sadoś, emphasizing that the status of the candidate for the position of the European Union in the international arena Ukraine as a more credible country, which, among other things, means better opportunities for attracting investors.

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When it comes to political advantages, it is an affirmation of belonging to the European family, common values, a common foreign policy, and a common vision of a united Europe. Ukraine as a candidate country can count on much more intensive contacts with the EU at all levels, including regular high-level meetings. – Note the Head of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Poland in Brussels.