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Andrea Legareta: Pictures of the evolution of the actress who started her career recording commercials |  Celebrities from Mexico |  nnda nnlt |  Fame

Andrea Legareta: Pictures of the evolution of the actress who started her career recording commercials | Celebrities from Mexico | nnda nnlt | Fame

actress Andrea Legarreta is the program codeHui” From Televisa One of the most loved characters on TV screens in Mexico. This recognition and fame was not something that was achieved overnight, rather it required great preparation and perseverance from a very young age.

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Although it seems hard to believe, the TV personality got into this world at just two years old. From that moment on, with the help of his parents, he prepared himself so much that he would be what he is today, although along the way he tried some aspects that were certainly crucial to his growth.

If you are a fan of Gravel And if you want to know more about her, especially her development over the years, feel free to continue reading this note, in which we will summarize a little bit of her growth since she was young until she became a Mexican TV star.

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The actress is the host of ‘Hui’ and remains a popular Mexican TV personality (Photo: Andrea Legarreta/Instagram).

The evolution of Andrea Legarreta

early years

As mentioned at the beginning, Andrea Legareta appeared on television when she was only two years old, specifically in a diaper advertisement, where she would become the main image.

A few years later, she entered the Televisa Artistic Training Center, where she perfected her talent for singing and acting and got good results that helped her grow in the complex world of television.

First doors open

After he was at Televisa School, new opportunities came to him, since he appeared in such programs as “Plaza Sésamo”, “Tres generations”, “XE-TU” and others.

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In the same way, she continued to do commercials for some brands, such as the one she made for Chabarita soft drink, in which she played the tangerine version.

artistic adolescence

At the age of 16, he was part of the musical group Fresas con crema. After some time, he began to appear in his first TV series, such as “Dance With Me”.

The leadership was waiting for her

In the 1990s, Andrea Legareta was the host of “Telehit” and years later joined “Hoy”, one of the most successful programs on Televisa that is still broadcast today.

The long awaited dedication

In the new millennium, she had already established herself as a great artist and host, and in 2001 came a role that is still well remembered to this day, not only in Mexico, but in many Latin American countries, where this series was broadcast.

In Long Live the Children, Andrea Legareta personified Lupita, a noble teacher of a group of mischievous children who lived their own adventures at their own age and was responsible for guiding them in such growth.

Andrea Legareta played the role of teacher Lupita "cheers for kids" (Photo: TV)
Andrea Legareta played teacher Lupita in “Long Live the Children” (Image: Televisa)