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Andrew Redmayne, unexpected champion of Australia – 2022-06-14 14:00

Andrew Redmayne, the unexpected champion of Australia

Andrew Redmayne, the unexpected champion of Australia

Thanks to its penalty shootout win over Peru on Monday night (0-0, 5-4 TAB), Australia will play their sixth World Cup in its history next November. The qualification was obtained thanks to the person who was warmly pinned to the bench at the start and who should have stayed there: goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne. A real achievement for someone who has everything but the face of the job.

You had to see him dance his line like Guignol, this totally disjointed doll. With the difference that Andrew Redmayne would have preferred to be handled by a tacky amateur rather than a specialist in the genre. And best of all, no one laughed on a Monday evening. Especially the Peruvians who are excluded from the next World Cup thanks to the Australian goalkeeper stopping Alex Valera’s last shot on goal. However, nothing has predetermined the man who sat on the bench at the start of this match to become Tim Cahill’s successor in Australian hearts.

Dance with the archers

As the final seconds of extra time slowly rolled onto the scoreboard, Graham Arnold had to bring in Craig Goodwin in place of the injured Aziz Bahish. Nothing surprising yet, except that in the process, boss Oasis Then he puts actions over his words. ‘Peruvians will be surprised’ , he had indicated the day before at a press conference, referring to the technical quality of his team. Matthew Ryan, his captain, also had to blink to make sure that this was indeed his number which the fourth referee was displaying on his light board. In his place, he fired former Sydney United player Andrew Redmayne. If Louis van Gaal fired Tim Kroll in the same circumstances in the 2014 World Cup quarter-final against Costa Rica, it was because the Newcastle goalkeeper had the strong stats of a penalty kick. Unlike his Australian counterpart, who stopped only 4 small attempts out of the 31 he had to contend with. However, after 12 shots on target later and after tirelessly performing as the Peruvian bowlers dance, the newcomer looks completely lost when going to celebrate and ends up finding himself on the ground with his mouth wide open before ending up buried under his partners.

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