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Android Auto proste gry w samochodzie

Android Auto will make your time fun with simple games

Google continues to develop its Android Auto software. In the latest beta, there is a new menu with simple games created in HTML5.

Android Auto It is the company’s infotainment system The GoogleWhich is available on board an increasing number of cars from different manufacturers. The Mountain View giant is still developing its software, releasing new updates. in version 6.7 beta A new icon has appeared in apps with signature GameSnacks. This app takes us to a screen with some simple games created with HTML5.

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In the screenshot posted on the site, see titles like Zoo BoomAnd the Cannonbals 3D whether, what UFO proven. These toys may attract passengers on long flights, especially children. However, they can also be accessed by the driver himself, which makes the time spent in traffic jams even more pleasant.

Android Auto GameSnacks

It should be noted that Android Auto, which allows you to play simple games, is in no way equal to what Tesla gather in his country Model S Plaid. There, the equipment is equal to the performance of a PlayStation 5 console and can easily hold the latest titles.

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