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Anel Noreña has plans to secure his old age through José José’s inheritance

Anel Noreña has plans to secure his old age through José José’s inheritance

Anil Norina.

Photo: Archive / Reforma Agency

Anil Norina frankly, that When he receives Jose Jose’s inheritance, he will first monitor his old age.

“I don’t even know how much I will receive, I still can’t give you this information, of course When they give it to me no one will know it because it’s not something that gets broadcastHe confirmed in a phone interview.

Joseph leaves this inheritance to me and I have to insure my old ageOr not “.

Prince of Song, who died on September 28, 2019, Anna Elena Norina Grass, 77, left his wife from 1976 to 1991, as global enforcer and heiress.

“That’s what the legal paper says, For me it was the joy of my life, It’s the most important thing because I don’t know how much there will be (goods or money) or debts, but The fact that Jose thought of me makes me so happy because the truth is that I always expected himexplained the previous model.

By the way, he ruled out an alleged family dispute between his children Joseph Joel y MarisolPublished by a magazine. Furthermore, she said that she plans to celebrate on May 10 with her two children having a meal in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.

“No, no way (there is a lawsuit), but Marisol has a husband and she has no time like beforeShe is the teacher of her children, we cannot count on times.”

Regarding the property that José José had left in Miami, he indicated that they also belonged to him and that he would fight it against Sarita Sosa through a trial.

They are mine and this is an international trial, so we will get to Miami and the court will be sent to Saras Let’s see what they have done with things, for for two years we have known that there is a will, and there is nothing above the will,” said the heiress of the translator “El Trieste”.

“They’ve been submitting papers, but they don’t have a will, so when I arrive of my own will, the judge will take care of them.”

Anil Norina

He stated that there were only two properties left, but it appears that Sarita, the daughter of José José and Sarah Salazar, has already sold one.

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