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Anna Karsmarsik is undergoing a transformation.  "I've been a jellyfish for a month"

Anna Karsmarsik is undergoing a transformation. “I’ve been a jellyfish for a month”

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Until recently, Anna Karsmarsik was known to the general public mainly for her role Series Cinema enthusiasts from “Good or Bad”, and “Galerianek”. By participating in the show “Dance, Dance, Dance”, the actress proved that she is good at dancing in a movie set. Now, the final competition of the TVP2 project has decided to surprise the audience not with new skills, but with a hairstyle change.

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Anna Karsmarsik was transformed and showed photos

Anna Karsmarsik has been wearing the longest and most well-groomed beauties ever Hair. However, perhaps with the arrival of spring, the actress felt the need to change, this time she chose long, thin braids.

I’m been a jellyfish / voodooma for a month now. I’m fine. Although I have to say goodbye to Majka soon, I thank him now for the beautiful changes he has introduced into me – the actress admitted on Instagram.

Reading Karsmarsky’s description, it is not difficult to guess that the revolution in her head was caused by the film character. Most internet users agree that the star is good at the new star Hairstyle. However, in the previous edition there were voices that he was much better:

Heavy metal hairstyle, but a transformation. Oh beauty!

Mrs. Anna, you look simply crazy!

Well, I hope this will be a little stylish for your new project because these braids are not for you. Not with your natural and subtle beauty – we read in the comments below the post.

What do you think about Anna Carsmarsik’s new hairstyle?

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