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Oscars 2022: Who is the star of the movie "Worst Man in the World" in Best Gala Making?  Renate Reinsve impresses with a bold look

Oscars 2022: Who is the star of the movie “Worst Man in the World” in Best Gala Making? Renate Reinsve impresses with a bold look

Actress Renate Reinsve, who starred in the Norwegian Oscar-winning film 2022, has already appeared on the red carpet in Hollywood. The “worst man in the world” star was delighted with Louis Vuitton’s outfit.

Oscars 2022: Renate Reinsve on the red carpet

Black and white dress with dark wood at dawn – an asymmetrical back, a low cut and a decorative feather front, as well as spaghetti straps and a high slit. Do you recognize this style? This is a project Louis Vuitton. In addition, lace tights, classic silk heels and shiny silver jewelry, soft knit hair with a separation in the middle, and in the case of makeup – dark red in the 90s wine red and brown.

Renate ReinsveActress of the Norwegian candidate Academy Award 2022, He enjoys Kala not only for his acting but also for the work he has chosen for the occasion. Her outfit is one of the strongest looks on the red carpet this year.

“Julie will soon be thirty years old, full of life energy, but full of chaos. She is happy with the talented and successful cartoonist Axel, but their opinions about the future are slightly different. With him throughout the night, she begins to wonder. Not just what he needs. ” Says the description of the film nominated for the 2022 Oscars “The worst man in the world”In which Reinsve delights. You can read more about it here:

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