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Anna’s creation on Netflix: This is the series

Anna’s creation on Netflix: This is the series

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Anna Sorokin on Netflix: Even her Wikipedia article is more interesting than ‘Inventing Anna’

The “Inventing Anna” series is based on a true story

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Netflix is ​​showing “Inventing Anna” about Anna “Delvey” Sorokin. She infiltrated high society in New York as a moneyless fraud and ended up cheating banks and friends with huge sums of money.

The Netflix series “Inventing Anna” follows the true story of Anna Sorokin, played by Julia Garner. She introduced herself to New York as Anna Delphi and made her way into high society. She tells everyone that she is a rich heiress and has a great fortune in the background. However, she has not yet been able to access her so-called trust fund because she is still very young. It’s a story about appearances and reality, about social media and false friendships. Anna Sorokin’s Favorite Excuse When Her Credit Card Just Didn’t Do I’ll Never Work Again: It’s not her fault, the card reader is down, of course it’s always the fault of others.

“Inventing Anna”: New on Netflix

“Grey’s Anatomy” producer Shonda Rhimes adapted the story, which can be summed up in three sentences, into nine episodes. They all last between 60 and 90 minutes. After completing the first episode, things get more interesting at first. But in the first episode, journalist Vivian Kent is seen trying to convince Anna Sorokin to give her an interview.

Journalist Vivian Kent (Anna Klumsky): Pregnant in research

Journalist Vivian Kent (Anna Klumsky): Pregnant in research

As the series progresses, she can be seen constantly pushing the boundaries of journalistic independence, losing a proper professional distance from Anna Sorokin. Her facial expressions are often exaggerated and she appears a bit hysterical. So she needs this story to settle a previous mistake in her career. Plus she is pregnant while searching. In several scenes, she is lying in labor in front of her interlocutors and it just seems strange. Unfortunately, portraying her pregnancy and childbirth is also cliched. As usual in movies and series, it begins with a dramatic explosion of the amniotic sac. Even if it happens very rarely in reality.

Boundary representation

The portrayal of Anna Sorokin is also controversial. From the borderline, for example, there are scenes where you can only see their clothes and say what brand. The clothes she wore in court later appeared on her Instagram account. The second episode entitled: “The Devil Betrayed Anna”. This can be understood as a direct reference to the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”. It’s about an aspiring fashion journalist.

The documentary was more appropriate than the series

The core content of “Anna’s Creation” appears to be feminist. A young woman managed to deceive well-known and creative bankers and make them work for them for free. Instead of rating how disgusting her actions are, viewers should admire her for being able to make her voice heard in this male-dominated financial world. This is a serious financial fraud.

It’s a topic that would have been better placed realistically in a serious setting, like a documentary. Instead, it feels like a cross between Gossip Girl and another New York series. Most episodes are so trivial that you can safely leave them running in the background while vacuuming or cooking dinner. You really don’t miss anything. It is doubtful that a famous producer like Shonda Rhimes would create such a chain of PR for Anna Sorokin. And you have to call it PR, because attention, or as you say: fame is apparently the only thing Anna Sorokin ever wanted in everything. I’ve got it now. Unfortunately. With Netflix as the platform and a fee allegedly of $320,000, the charlatan seems to have paid off.

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