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Announced a new game by the creators of Genshin Impact

Announced a new game by the creators of Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has been an amazing success: just two weeks after its launch in October 2020, it reclaimed its development costs and the mobile version alone recorded more than 15 million downloads in just a few days. Even after a year and a half, the free open-world role-playing game is still being packed with new content and clean up of the Chinese developer studio HoYoVerseformerly known as MiHoYocrazy sums in even.

No wonder, then, that one remembers success Jinshin effect He wants to continue and now announces the following match: Zenless Zone Zero It will be the name of the new title and instead of the picturesque landscapes of Teyvat, players can expect the futuristic Cyberpunk city New Eridu this time.

Loads of action and a bit of post-apocalypse: Zenless Zone Zero

But what would the future be without? Postapocalypse? Accordingly, civilization has already been destroyed by a huge catastrophe and New Eridu The last stronghold of mankind. New technologies are used to defend New Eridu not only against the so-called hollow, which summon monsters from other dimensions, but also to use them to obtain resources.

As crazy as the story sounds, the battles against said monsters seem to be full of action: the first trailer for the game puts the various, and sometimes very crazy, characters in the spotlight in a wonderful way, and how they clean the streets of New Eridu of creatures with amazing attacks.

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