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Add-on for “Gwent” released by CD Projekt

Add-on for “Gwent” released by CD Projekt

2022-07-07 13:20

2022-07-07 13:20

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On Thursday, CD Projekt’s “Gwent: Mage Renegade” expansion pack was shown as a standalone game. The title receives mostly positive reviews, and the number of players on Steam so far has been around 600.

Gwent: Mag Renegat is available on PC (GOG and Steam) and on mobile devices running iOS and Android. This is the first addition to “Gwent” in a single player (single player) version, which does not require an internet connection or the basic version of the game.

The game is sold for PC for 9.99€/US, and the enhanced version for 19€/US$.

The game has collected 14 reviews on Steam so far. 71 percent of them are positive.

According to SteamDB data, Steam is on “Gwent: Renegade Mage” hours later. 13 It is played by approximately 630 people.

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In January, CD Projekt announced that it was working on a new card video game set in the universe of “The Witcher,” with the working name “Golden Nekker”.

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