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Another high name in the club of Łukasz Piszczek.  He shot in the league

Another high name in the club of Łukasz Piszczek. He shot in the league

LKS Goczałkowice-Zdrój is currently playing in the Silesian III League. Last season, at the level of the fourth league, they were in 7th place. Łukasz Piszczek has played in many of the team’s matches in the past, sidelining it. Now he can help her as a competitor. A few weeks ago, his return was officially announced.

Bissek has been supporting his local club for many years, of which he is a player and owner. He has already helped the team in two commercials, and it is no secret that he wants more. However, this requires reinforcements, as the former Borussia Dortmund footballer knows.

In the past, Koxasovis has already received some loud names. David Bliska and Łukasz Hanzel. In recent days, the Pizza Club has launched another transfer attack. Marius Magira joined the team, with 169 appearances in the league. He played in bands such as Kornik Jabre or Visa Krakow.

The club’s new acquisition from Silesia is Presmiswa Tritko, who can boast of 134 matches at the highest league level in Poland. In the past, he defended the colors of others Archie Guinea, with which he won the Polish Cup. He also played abroad in Kazakhstan and Germany.

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