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ApoRed was in Turkish prison and was denied entry to Istanbul

ApoRed was in Turkish prison and was denied entry to Istanbul


The boxing event a few days ago is currently making sure of the spotlight on ApoRed. “The Real” knew how to impress him with his performance and was able to prove that he worked on his skills as a boxer in a disciplined manner. Over 11 million people watched the event so far with him and Leon Macherry.

But before the event, things had been relatively quiet around ApoRed for some time. Years ago, the YouTuber was almost always present with new songs, pranks, or statements about his fortune. However, this was not the case for nearly two years. The reason for this was first mentioned at the end of last year.

Since 2019, he has become more involved in other “businesses”. This ensured that he had to neglect YouTube and Co. due to lack of time. But he’s currently changing that again, because according to his own statement, he’s also noticed during this time how much he’s already enjoying on YouTube. In turn, it even gives up higher sales in other regions.

Move to Istanbul

An additional factor was his move last September. The 27-year-old has moved to Istanbul and is currently trying to experience what it means to live abroad. However, it is still registered in Germany: “I’m not in Germany now either. I already found out about one of them, I’m currently in Istanbul, Turkey. And I haven’t immigrated now.

Well, I don’t have immigrant character and now I say Germany is bad or something. of course not! I’m a bunny just trying to make friends. So I did not migrate here. I’m still registered in Germany, everything is great. I’ve been here for 2 months and my first impression was great. I will probably look in more other countries and take you guys with me.”

Istanbul ban

Now, however, the social media star has to return to Germany a few months ago. As ApoRed now explains, there were problems with his papers when he returned to Istanbul after the fight. Because of this, he has now been banned from entering Turkey for 3 months. Arriving at the airport, he had to spend a night in the cell before returning to Hamburg. He is now back in Germany and has to wait until he can return to his adopted home in Istanbul.

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