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Apple adds these new features in iMessage

Apple adds these new features in iMessage

  • It was revealed by Apple at the annual WWDC conference.

  • CEO Craig Federighi said: It was the most requested post in messages.

  • The technology company added that the features will be available in iOS 16 mobile operating system.

Technological platforms are constantly changing on a daily basis, to provide their users with a better experience. newly Apple has shared a new iMessage update that will allow iPhone users to edit and cancel sending unfortunate text messages.

According to data from Statista, the company currently led by Tim Cook is benefiting from a loyal fan base and has seen unprecedented revenue growth, From just $8 billion in 2004 to more than $270 billion in 2020.

Likewise, the statistics platform shows that the growth of the American company has reversed over time, since it was in October 2001 when Apple introduced its first major non-computer project, known as the iPod, which has since become one of its most successful products. That is why the brand currently offers a wide range of products at its events.

Apple and its new features in iMessage

Apple on Monday presented a list of new products and functions, offering a new iMessage update that will allow this iPhone Users to Edit and Unsend Text Messages Sorry.

With this new feature, iPhone users will be able to, in the moments after sending an iMessage, by clicking the buttons Edit or Undo Send to edit your messages.

Apple was revealed, at the company’s annual WWDC conference, on its campus in Cupertino, California, where the company’s chief executive, Craig Federighi, said about the buttons. Edit and Undo Send was one of the most requested features for messages.

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The tech company also added that jobs will be available With the new version of the mobile operating system, called iOS 16, which will be released in the fall.

This update is not the only one made by the company led by Tim Cook, as Apple also introduced a new version of “CarPlay”, Interactive display system integrated with the vehicle’s display systems.

In addition to displaying traditional information such as maps and music, the new version of CarPlay will display information including vehicle speed and temperature.

The company said a list of automakers including Ford, Mercedes and Porsche were “excited” about the feature.

Updates are frequent in the technological world, where social networks like Instagram are constantly changing to please their users. For example, we have Meta which also releases new widgets and images. In addition to Twitter that came with its own Twitter Circle functionality, through which it seeks to see and interact with its content, similar to the content of the “best friends” of the photography platform.

While the instant messaging platform WhatsApp said it is working on a functionality where users can interact with emojis in states, something similar to what is happening with Instagram Stories.

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