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Apple will provide iPhone and AirPods with a USB-C port?  Almost certainly - computer world

Apple will provide iPhone and AirPods with a USB-C port? Almost certainly – computer world

A famous analyst announced that when the iPhone finally switches to USB-C, other Apple accessories will do so with it.

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More Ads by Al Raid Leak Information directly from Apple, Ming Chi KuoWith the USB-C case, it seems to herald a major transformation of the company. The analyst caused a stir a few days ago by telling him about the future in 2023 iPhone 15That would give up Mosul Lightning Finally switch to USB-C. Today’s news is about a similar transition from Lightning to USB-C that is expected to happen at the same time Other productsH.

According to Kuo, Apple will no longer offer Lightning accessories after releasing its USB-C phone. This is due to the logistical difficulties that may arise with the simultaneous support of two shipping standards on such a large range of products. This means that from 2023, we can expect most accessories sold by Apple to support USB-C charging. These accessories include:

  • AirPods
  • AirPods Pro
  • AirPods Max
  • magic keyboard
  • Magic Mouse
  • IPAD
  • Magic Trackpad

Leaker also answered a question that annoys many people about the rumors about the upcoming iPhone that will completely abandon the charging port in favor of inductive charging MagSafe. The analyst reports, according to Apple, that such a change is not possible for two reasons: first, inductive charging is still not sufficiently developed; Second, MagSafe itself is not in the opinion of Apple wide enough. However, it seems that the idea was not abandoned but rather Delayed Even the widespread use of wireless charging technology.

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It is worth noting that Apple The transition to USB-C started a few years ago. In 2015, it established the first MacBook that are loaded by this port. However, it was introduced in its tablets in 2018. However, some believe that this transition is not very smooth – especially in the company’s smartphones – It should be much faster. Some even take matters into their own hands and add an outlet to their electronic devices themselves. It seems that Apple has finally faltered (after the decision, among other things European Commission About Unified Electronics Chargers) and about to complete the transition to USB-C.