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Apple WWDC 2021: It’s today.  How do you watch?  What are we waiting for?

Apple WWDC 2021: It’s today. How do you watch? What are we waiting for?

June 7 is a significant date in the calendars of Apple fans and developers who create apps for Apple platforms. Today is the next edition of the Apple WWDC conference. During the opening, we’ll see what Apple prepares for iOS 15 and macOS 12, the new MacBook Pro, the iPad’s broad capabilities, and who else knows what.

iOS 15: Better Notifications

Apple defends its secrets well this time around and we don’t know much about what’s new in iOS 15. In fact, there was one decent leak in April 2021. Talk about Accurate management of notifications over time. Specifically, it will be possible to set different parameters for notifications from different applications depending on the current activity. This will be more flexible than the current sleep hours setting. For example, you will be able to mute all editorial Slack notifications after hours :-).

Apple continues to expand its privacy settings. Another feature will be the ability to provide inaccurate and detailed GPS tracking information. We will be able to find out which apps are collecting some data “silently”. Speaking of silence, iOS 15 introduces a noise generator – you’ll be able to run it on headphones to better suppress distracting ambient sounds, and at the same time not get tired. It works, checked the information.

iMessage is also waiting for changes. In the end, Apple’s messenger will be more similar to WhatsApp and some kind of social network will be created there. I do not know. There are also rumors that in the Health app there will be the ability to save and analyze meals, so I can uninstall MyFitnessPal … If, of course, Apple provides a suitable base of products available in Poland. If it fails as it is with Poland maps, thank you.

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iPadOS 15 i watchOS 8

iPadOS 15 will bring the iPad closer to a decently functioning computer. We know from the leaks that Apple will introduce “the most important changes to the iPad home screen from 2010”. He looks proud! The sources also mention greater possibilities of working with several applications at the same time. I’m waiting to be able to run more advanced software on the iPad Pro. I dream of Final Cut Pro and it’s not so far off since the M1 chip was included in the iPad Pro.

watOS 8 will either be without major changes, or Apple keeps confidential information so well that we don’t know anything about it.

macOS 12 and MacBook Pro with an Apple processor

It’s not certain what the next macOS will be called. The documentation for the WebKit engine says this Apple will move from macOS 11 Big Sur to macOS 12. This, in turn, may mean that we will get a new number every year, parallel to Apple’s mobile systems. Besides, we know very little. According to the leaks, it will not be a major update, but we will definitely see changes to the privacy and notification settings.

While WWDC has traditionally focused on software, Apple sometimes shows hardware as well. On June 7, 2021 we expect new series laptops MacBook Pro, of course with Apple Silicon processors. The most powerful MacBook has a chip with 10 cores (2 energy-saving + 8 high-performance). There are also two graphics systems to choose from: 16- and 32-core and 14 and 16-inch monitors. Apparently, HDMI, which is an SD card slot, will be back (If you’re a photographer, get ready for some champagne!) and a MagSafe connector.

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How do you watch Apple WWDC on June 7?

If you’d like to watch the Apple WWDC conference with us, you can stay on this page :-). The broadcast will be available on YouTube, and the video is posted below.

Broadcast starts at 19:00 Polish time. The editors of TELEPOLIS.PL will surely keep an eye on the event and will keep you informed of new products that will catch your eye.

Apple, surprise us!

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Image source: Apple Inc

Text source: ON, Apple, Bloomberg