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Arjen Ataman (IFES Istanbul): “We really deserved it.”

Ergen Ataman (Entrainor Evs Istanbul)

“I am proud of my players. For two years we have been waiting for this moment. We talked about our goal in every meeting. We wanted to return to the final and this time to win. We succeeded and I am happy for them and for my club and my country. After the match, President Erdogan called me and congratulated us all. All our foreign players too. We know everyone watched this evening in Turkey. We defeated the best team in the regular season, after a big match. They played well, but we were the winners, especially thanks to this unfortunate experience in 2019 and this defeat against CSKA Moscow. During this time, I saw the potential In my team. We give them freedom in the game, but there is a framework. You don’t win in the Euroleague by playing streetball mode. For three years, we have been the team with the most wins in the Euroleague. We never give up. We believed in it, and we really deserved it. It is special to be the first Turkish to bring this trophy home. You have won all European Cups. I think all the young Turkish coaches know that we can do this. I am proud to show them the way, to be an idol and a hero to them. ”

“As always, basketball at this level revolves around details. We did not follow our game plan most of the game, and we gave this team a lot of easy points, we sent them many free throws, and when we got back to score, we made two fatal mistakes that cost us maybe six points. The game In this type of meeting, it can’t, of course Ives has some great players, and Mikik and Larkin’s success is a mixture of their talents and our mistakes.

I don’t want to have any problems, but there are some things I’m not happy with. I noticed that Corey Higgins does not have the respect of other players. The Euroleague will listen from us. I am still proud of my team. Among what we’ve accomplished this year is our first group. There are a lot of things we could have done better. Our lack of experience also explains our nervousness at certain important times. These are things we can work on. ”

Vasilegi Mikic (Aves Istanbul, best player in the competition and the Final Four, 25 points, 5 assists, 8 fouls caused)

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“Even in my wildest dreams, I never imagined being part of the Euroleague Big Five and getting the best player in the final! It’s great for this club and Turkey. I’m happy to play in Turkey, where I found a similar state of mind, the same character as in Serbia. This is good, I will not have to teach them how to celebrate and celebrate this amazing title. Regarding my future, I am not thinking about it at the moment. I just want to taste and finish our tour of the tournament as much as possible (the Turkish championship final against Fenerbahce). ”

Shane Larkin (Aves Istanbul, 21 points, provocation of 10 fouls).

“It’s amazing to win the Euroleague. We went through a lot, we lost two years ago, came back last year but the season stopped due to Covid. We had injuries this season, we were weakened by Covid, we had a lot of injuries and had to deal with empty rooms. In the middle of the season, our record was no.” Still negative. We held on together and played our best basketball at the end of the season. I couldn’t be more proud. I think that I and Vasilig are one of the best backlines in history. We will never be able to take this title away from us. “

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“I was hoping to come back, be better game after game, and help this team reach the end. It is a pity that this did not happen. It is the most important title for which we could nominate, but it was not today. This is life. Play. Eves did very well, and we have to congratulate them and focus on the Spanish League to finish the season well. The match can turn into two or three measures. Pity. But I am still happy and grateful that I was able to participate in this adventure after I worked so hard during the past two years to get back in the game. “.