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Melvyn Jaminet (Perpignan): “The audience defended twice”

Melvin Gamenet, Perpignan appeared, after the victory over Onax (27-15): “We are all very happy, but as Matteo Acebes said, we won’t win anything and we have to focus on our goal. We managed to speed up in the first quarter of the hour, the next twenty minutes is very average, and we have to correct that next week. I had a complicated week, I thought I was I’m going to miss the final stages because of the hamstrings, but it held up well. We were eager to play this game. We missed our beginnings so badly that we didn’t want it to happen again. We wanted to keep the ball, keep the score, we were able to do that, maybe poor motivation Among the crowd. We got in so well that there was a collective relaxation and they put us wrong. “

Sadiq Degmash (Half Scrum from Perpignan): “This victory coincides with two business seasons. We have reached the first goal, but now there is this final to prepare. We had a great desire, fortunately for the final stage match, but there were some defects that we will have to wipe out next week. We were struggling to start the matches well.” Lately, with the fans, we got off to a good start, and that made the difference. “

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“They came to our camp twice, 12-0 ten minutes later. We go to them three times, we don’t score.”

Tommy Raynaud, column of Oyonnax

Tristan Labotelli (second line from Perpignan): “We’re really happy to make it to the final, but we only did half way. We’ll have a good week of preparation. It was a good start, maybe we just relaxed after that, and we have to settle for that for next week. We asked ourselves some questions when Oyonnax came back to score. We didn’t feel in danger and the ball was in.” Our hands, but we made a lot of small mistakes. But even under pressure, we managed to keep our cool, we are all connected to each other, totally confident in our game and we know what we want to achieve. “

Tommy Raynaud (column Oyonnax): “Disappointment takes precedence. We put the procedure at the start of the match: you don’t need to draw a picture. They came to our camp twice, 12-0 after ten minutes. We go to them three times, we don’t score. We’ve been through it all. It’s the difference between a ready-to-up team and a team.” Not so. We are not far, nor do we make a mismatch, but if we keep the positivity, it is because we have an axis of progress. It’s sad, I never imagined this result. We were paralyzed, we were not in the field, we saw them, we suffered, it is unforgivable. “

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