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Arnaud, Magistral in all events, qualifies for Top Chef semi-finals (video)

The first part of the Top Chef quarter-final took place and Belgium’s Arnault continues to shine throughout this week’s events, going so far as to qualify directly for the semi-finals.

There are only 4 candidates left: Louise in the brigade of Helen Darroes, Pascal with Philippe Echebest, Sebastian with Paul Barrett and Arnaud with Glenn Vail.

In the first test, Chef Mauro Colagreco challenged the candidates on two recipes. Arnaud won his first pass in a flower-based entry. At the time of sentencing, the chef explained that he hesitated between the Belgian dish and Louise’s painting, but chose to qualify the author’s “flowery Parmesan”. The first bursts of joy in Clan Arno who jumps on the neck of his brigade commander, Glenn Vail.

The juror highlights his work on the zucchini flower, “of rare beauty and extraordinary poise”. With these words, Arnaud is pleased: “I want to strip and run in a field of flowers”.

Louise and Arnaud side by side

The second challenge with Chef Colagreco: making a grass-based dessert. This time again, upon tasting, Louise and Arnaud had a neck and two necks, but this time the chef decided in favor of Louise, Arnaud’s former classmate, now in Helen Darros’ brigade.

A second pass on the way to the semi-finals

In the next round, former Top Chef winner Stéphanie Le Quellec asked the quarter-finalists to prepare a master recipe hidden by means of other ingredients, to create a surprise when tasting.

Once again, two candidates stand out: Louise and Arnaud. The Belgian gives the appearance of a white dessert to his dish that hides the salty and colorful flavors from Italy. Louise pays tribute to her Portuguese roots. “It was very difficult”admits today the juror, who finally delivered her verdict: Dolce Vita. ‘We were totally on the promise’judging by Stéphanie Le Quellec.

I’m in the semi-finals, I’m the first to qualify. I am very satisfied

Ho Arnaud is the author: “I’m in the semi-finals, I’m the first to qualify. There, for the humble side, we can do better, but I’m very satisfied”called the Belgian chef.

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By collecting two passes from the first episode of the quarter-finals, Arnault is the first to advance to the semi-finals. Thus, Luiz has a pass, while Pascal and Sebastian do not. They will play their place in the next episode, next week.