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Arnold Schwarzenegger donates homes to homeless veterans in Los Angeles

Arnold Schwarzenegger give homes to ancient warriors homeless in a Angels to celebrate birthday.

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has done a Noble gesture to donate 25″small houses“It will house retired fighters,” he added.

Such a situation was documented by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself on his various social networks.

On these digital platforms, the hero of the epic Terminator saga uploaded posts to show what little coexistence he had with these people.

Arnold Schwarzenegger lives with veterans in Los Angeles (Schwarzenegger/Twitter)

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s posts were accompanied by an emotional text that said:

“Today I celebrated early Christmas. 25 homes I donated to ancient warriors homeless They settled here in Los Angeles.”

As Arnold Schwarzenegger said in his letter, “It was wonderful to spend time with our heroes and welcome them into their new homes.”

In the last part of the letter Arnold Schwarzenegger thanked the cooperation of the various foundations, which helped give homes to homeless veterans.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives Homes to Los Angeles Veterans in Partnership with Village for Vets

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger gifted 25 homes to homeless veterans, thanks to a collaboration with Veterinarians Village.

The organization serving the most vulnerable veterans, living in extreme poverty.

This foundation provides financial and health support to all retired soldiers who were left homeless in the city of Angels.

‘Tiny Homes’ Donated by Arnold Schwarzenegger to Homeless Veterans (Schwarzenegger/Twitter)

It should be noted that all support provided by Village for Vets comes from donations made by volunteers.

In this sense, FOX 11 Los Angeles, reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger has donated just over 5 million pesos ($250,000) to build those homes.

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Vegas “small homes” q Arnold Schwarzenegger Small but comfortable spaces allow veterans to have a home.

Arnold Schwarzenegger donates homes to homeless veterans; Social networks applaud

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s social networks reacted positively to what the actor did.

Some praised the measure, which would help fewer homeless people suffer.

Similarly, some netizens have expressed it Arnold Schwarzenegger had given the veterans the best Christmas present.