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Ashton Kutcher and Mia Kunis rarely wash babies.  And myself.  "It doesn't make sense"

Ashton Kutcher and Mia Kunis rarely wash babies. And myself. “It doesn’t make sense”

“Armchair Expert” hosted by Dox Shepherd and Monica Batman hosted by Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. The actors surprised them with a confession. Well, it turns out that the couple does not bathe their two children – 6 – year – old Wyatt Isabel and 4 – year – old Dmitry Portwood, but only when you see that they are dirty.

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Doc Shepherd started a conversation about health, and he was determined to say it Washing the skin with soap every day can be harmful to the skin as it destroys its protective lipid coating and can lead to skin damage. He suggested to his friend to use only water to wash himself. The idea was picked up by a star-studded cast, And Mila Kunis admitted … During her youth in Ukraine, she could not access the hot, running water:

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher do not wash their babies every day

As you can see Mila Kunis took her approach to hygiene and washing from her family home. Ashton Kutcher did not reveal where his similar ideas about washing himself and his descendants came from, but he did. Washes every day … Perineum and armpits only. The actor also addressed the question of when his children are determined to be “eligible” for a bath, which he acknowledged:

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The problem of daily washing and rinsing of newborns is not clear. This topic may cause a lot of controversy, but the support of some groups of dermatologists who see a work created by cultural conditions in daily body washing is not a real human need.

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