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Kamil Seminyak after the match against Venezuela: I have come a long way to be here

During the previous two races at the Poles during the current Olympics, Seminyuk appeared only in short alternatives. On Wednesday he played the entire game.

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– Cool, I felt so good. I was able to play from the beginning, it was a different experience than when you came in during a match. Initially it was a bit tense and stressful because it was a real Olympic debut. I wanted to present myself as much as I could. I hope the coach is satisfied, and the guys are satisfied – we won, we add three points – the host pointed out after the meeting.

Piano-Cervoni unexpectedly lost a set in a fight with a theoretically easy competitor in their group.

– This is a general concentration relaxation. The Venezuelan team started playing their best volleyball and they did a good job. We could not finish the attack. Small, you can tell the stupid mistakes we made. The point-to-point advantage was growing, and it was hard to catch them. Honestly, they deserve to win this set. However, we went to the next party that was mobilized from the beginning. We played our game and as a result we won the game 3: 1 – we analyzed the 25 year old player.

He admitted that he had already received information that changes in the composition of the world champions were planned for Wednesday’s fight.

– Let’s face it, the competition body is tired. We play every two days and have no time for full recovery. Meetings like this with Venezuela are only for the basic players to relax and for people like me to get a chance to play – he pointed out.

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At the same time, he admitted that when he entered a mission in the previous two matches, he also had significant nerves related to responsibility.

– When you enter an activity, you want to do everything you can to please the coach. Sometimes it doesn’t work, and then it just gets a little in the head. But I had already talked to the coach about it and he told me not to stress about things like that. Today it is so easy. I really enjoyed being on the pitch, he said.

On Friday, he will face the piano-cervonic games. Vital Heinen’s coach said they were the best sports team in the Olympics at the moment.

– They recently won against Canada. I – to be honest – did not expect such a result. However, Yuji Nishita, the team’s driving force, returned from injury. The Japanese play good volleyball and they are famous for their defensive game. We will be very careful in preparing for this meeting – Promised Seminole.

The Japanese league is played by Mikes Kubiak and Bardos Kurek, who give their friends some tips on what to expect from the Asian team.

– But the staff has come here to strategically prepare us for this meeting. They are technically highly trained and they move in safety like cats. Good luck with the misfortune of being a little less than they could be. We are waiting for this match and we plan to win by three points – insisted the player of Gruba Azodi Jaxi Kotziers-Goyal.

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He made sure the white and red players practiced from match to match at the Ariac Arena.

– We had no training before the first game, we trained somewhere else. Other representations have had such an opportunity. I think we are already used to it here. This is very convenient – he explained.

Semini banged on the senior team – he is currently playing his first season. Now he is making his debut at the Olympics.

– There have been a lot of my introductions this season. Games Game. I know for sure where I am now. I have come a long way to be here. I am so glad to be here. I am very happy to have the opportunity to introduce myself – he stressed.


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