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Andreas Pereira after a break with Brentford: This is the best goal of my career |

Andreas Pereira after a break with Brentford: This is the best goal of my career |

Andreas Pereira, who wrote the amazing Sparring goal with Brentford, commented on his success in a post-match interview and revealed how he feels after returning to Manchester United.

The 25-year-old jumped from the crossroads with a powerful airstrike and landed in the net, almost copying Paul Sholes’ glorious victory over Aston Villa. Brazil believes this is his best goal in his life.

“Yes, I think this is the best goal of my career,” Pereira admitted in an interview with MUTV.

“I thought I would get a chance to take a shot when goalkeeper Jesse Lingard’s effort hit.” After I hit the ball, I knew right away that it was OK. It’s good to score in front of returning fans.

Both teams had a fantastic show at Old Trafford on Wednesday night. Both Manchester United and Brentford delivered intense football, resulting in two beautiful goals on both sides. Apart from Andreas Pereira, Anthony Elanga has entered the list of goal scorers. After the crucifixion of Aaron von-Pisacca, Sweden is shown with spectacular scissors.

– Anthony Elanga is playing well. It is very filmed. It showed a great result and is excellent.

– The team recorded a good performance. I think we played better against QPR. We improve with each new match. Before the season starts we need to focus and keep the head low.

– We train very hard. The training sessions were very good. I hope you can see our progress. Leading players are slowly coming back to us. We have good experience and youth.

– We need to practice a lot more, ask the manager and then everything will be fine. I love it because it made me happy to be back in Manchester. I enjoy it every day.

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