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Asmongold thinks expansion lacks hype

Asmongold thinks expansion lacks hype

Finally new content: About two weeks ago, Dragonflight was revealed, the new expansion for World of Warcraft, which promises to expand the MMORPG with new regions, abilities, and an unprecedented mix of race and class, the so-called Dracthyr callers.

On paper, this sounds like promising innovations and Twitch streamer And one WoW Asmongold fan is already looking to expand. Despite his personal delight, he also expressed his concerns: if you’re not careful with the game’s systems, you might offend many fans again.

Fewer Views, No Hype: Asmongold on WoW Dragonflight

Asmongold’s concerns seem valid so far: Many fans remain skeptical about the announcement for now. It came in one of its streams Asmongold And now back to the topic Dragon Flight In it, he speaks again of the skepticism of the masses and the lack of hype.

He had seen it before on Click the numbers The Dragonflight ad referred to it and wrote that it is not related to previous videos from world of cansThe channel can be approached. So many believe that the new expansion cannot generate the hype that the MMORPG made with other content. Asmungold explained why Dragon Flight In his opinion it can’t really gain momentum:

There is a video [über Dragonflight] on the World of Warcraft channel. One video has nearly two million people [Aufrufe] And another two million video. But it’s definitely less of a fight for Azeroth. The truth is that after two expansions, people don’t want to be fooled anymore. […] That’s why so many people are waiting just to see what happens.”

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