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Urgently update browsers: Chrome and Edge are affected by security vulnerabilities

Urgently update browsers: Chrome and Edge are affected by security vulnerabilities

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With the latest update for Chrome and Edge, you can close 30 security holes. If you don’t update, criminals can take over your computer.

Google Chrome browser has 30 serious vulnerabilities. (Source: alexey_boldin/

  • Chrome and Edge browsers contain 30 security holes.
  • If these files are not closed, attackers can take over your computer.
  • Immediately update your browser to stay safe.

New patches for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are ready for you. If you update your browser, you are closing 30 security holes and protecting your computer from being taken over by cybercriminals.

Weaknesses in web applications

With update 101.0.4951.41 for Windows, macOS, and Linux, Google is closing security holes. Most vulnerabilities are found in the API (Application Programming Interface) of some browser applications. APIs are programming interfaces that act, among other things, as a link between a web application and a server.

The 30 vulnerabilities pose a huge risk as they can be exploited by cybercriminals to gain access to your system. At worst, an attacker could take over your computer.

As reported by MalwarebytesMicrosoft Edge browser is also affected. The browser is based on Chrome and shares a number of the same vulnerabilities. With the new version 101.0.1210.32, this has also been fixed.

Update to stay safe

To protect you from this danger, we recommend that you update Chrome and Edge immediately. If your browser is not up to date, this can have serious consequences. We will tell you how to update Google Chrome in the linked article.

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