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Assassin's Creed Valhalla My Dream Come True •

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla My Dream Come True •

Without much ado, Ubisoft has included DualSense support for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla PC. If you played the title on your PC, you can now use the adaptive triggers. AC Valhalla uses this feature in the game to a limited extent, but it helps improve the feel when shooting.

The same controllers can already be used on PC since release, but gamers have had to do without the new DualSense functionality. Now at least all the brave Vikings could feel the fresh wind in their sails. Andy Robinson of VGC posted this discovery on Twitter:

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This news makes my heart beat a little faster, because even though I only own a PC and an Xbox Series S, I’m a huge fan of PlayStation consoles. The new beautiful design and colors (especially cosmic red!) stuck in my mind.

How nice to be able to play games on PC with PlayStation consoles as well as with competition from Xbox. Unfortunately, Sony’s consoles are not optimally adapted to games on PC. You have to tinker with Steam before you can use DualSense and Co. Special next generation features have been excluded.

But who knows how long it will last like this. After all, PlayStation is jamming some of its games onto PC ports. The company may then be a little closer to adapting its consoles to the ecosystem of gamers on PC.

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However, in such an implementation, there is much more than just Sony’s goodwill. Developers also have to program their game in such a way that support for DualSense features is possible. In general, this is certainly possible for every game – the only question is whether it is worth it.

If you’re a fan of PC games, you’ll probably work the classic way with a mouse and keyboard, and if you have a gamepad, it’s probably an Xbox console. For the three free folks who still get an expensive PS5 controller for their PC, I, as a developer, will also forego the DualSense support app.

So there’s still a long way to go until Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Metro Exodus, which also support DualSense features, become a game library worth over €70 and then be able to use just wired.

Maybe it would be worth getting a PlayStation console in a few years when my Xbox consoles gave up the ghost. Or a miracle happens and I get a PS5 in the meantime. I wouldn’t necessarily say “no” to that either.

How about you use your PlayStation console and PC at the same time and would you appreciate better support from consoles or does this have little effect on you because you’re playing on only one platform?