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Avril Lavigne engaged to Maud Sun: Pictures of her (very) romantic proposal in Paris!

Avril Lavigne engaged to Maud Sun: Pictures of her (very) romantic proposal in Paris!

And her lover had perfectly planned everything: “We had a violinist, champagne and roses. It was as if time had stopped, and it was just the two of us at that time.“The ring, which she also revealed in her photos, was not left to chance either.

He knew from the start that I wanted a heart shaped diamond because the day we met we had identical heart shaped rings. We’ve been wearing it every single day since then, so it’s only natural to have a heart-shaped engagement ring. I love him so much !And she even has a little secret:It had the words “Hi Icon” engraved on it, the first words he had ever said to me. And there’s Mod + Avril inside.

A perfect day for the singer who had already married in 2013 to Chad Kroeger, the leader of the rock band Nickelback. The union ended two years later but it also happened in France, a country that Avril Lavigne had long valued: in early 2010, she came to settle in Paris to study the language and even finished getting French citizenship.

Bilingual, she will be able to introduce her new fiancé to French culture. And it doesn’t matter if the two of them haven’t known each other for a long time, she doesn’t hesitate about their future:I knew we had a very strong relationship from the first week of writing and working together in the studio. immediately. He made every day better. It was as if I had known him forever. Over time, things improved and felt incredibly normal.

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