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Back to the origins of the spy who became a cult



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R. Asencio, N. Hayter, B. VIgnais, P.Crapoulet, N. Sadok – France 3

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OSS 117: aRed alert in black Africa”, by Nicolas Bedos, Ho One of the most anticipated films of the summer. this is The third opus, still with Jean Dujardin, releases Wednesday, August 4th. Back to the origin of this character from France who is not afraid of ridicule.

Jean Dujardin is dressed as a French spy again in a third adaptation of OSS 117. This time, he’s directing black Africa to help a dictator suppress rebels, with racist stereotypes in his bags. Africans are happy, friendly and dance well‘, announces the character in a caricatured manner. Hubert Bonisseur from La Bath. “The charter is so clear, I find it so fun, wholesome, and rewarding, to play fools like that, who put their feet on sensitive subjects.”, to the credit of Pierre Nene, who plays the spy’s adventurous companion.

Although habits evolve, OSS 117 remains the same. theRacist jokes are not fun. The funny thing is how an entire character lives in a closed circle‘,” explains actor Jean Dujardin. Before this parody, the famous spy was actually an American. The character OSS 117 was born in 1949, in the station of a novel written by French writer Jean Bruce, before the birth of James Bond. In the 1960s, the work was carried to the cinema by five adventure and spy films, far from the comedy of Michel Hazanavicius or Nicholas Bedos, who directed the last opus.

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