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Backstory and abilities of Sojourn

Backstory and abilities of Sojourn

release policy about Monitor 2 It is a real up and down game: the sequel to the successful multiplayer shooter was announced at the end of 2019, initially with no release date of course. Then I aimed 2022 to release, but then announced that nothing would come of it.

in one Developer update At the beginning of March, it was revealed that Overwatch 2 could debut earlier, but in a diluted form without a planned PvE region — that’s it Without a story and a hero of missions. After all: PvP fans should be thrilled with this announcement and there is still some fresh content.

Sojourn: This is what the new heroine brings to the fight

Of course, this also means: finally new heroes. Because since the release of Echo in April 2020, no new characters have joined the list of shooters. Fortunately, this is supposed to be the case with the newly introduced product Sojourn Change now: Blizzard provided both background story and skills The captain of the internet is in the spotlight.

Their first tool in battle is rielgen, which uses its primary firing mode to fire a projectile that generates energy on impact, and charges the secondary firing mode. Once you accumulate enough energy, you can use the secondary function to fire a deadly bullet that consumes stored energy.

with your deactivation shot Sojourn is able to slow down opponents. This ability is designed to support her secondary shooting mode, making it easier for her to hit her energy-damaging shot. The disruptive shot also takes damage, making it a good overall tool overall.

Anyone who’s ever seen Sojourn in action on a video already knows her incredible mobility. Above all, she has hers Powerslid thanks for the. Using it, she glides across the battlefield at lightning speed, interrupting this action with a high jump in the air, giving her the opportunity to reach hard-to-reach places.

Finally, there will be her Maximum overclocking capacity: Once Sojourn activates this, her secondary shooting mode is continuously available for a short time, and her Sojourn’s shots pierce their targets, making it easier for her to attack multiple enemies simultaneously.

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