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What's new in WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows you to hide. Contacts will not check when we are online

In addition to working on the new community feature, WhatsApp developers are also looking at other ways to diversify the app. This time, users will get a chance to hide their status from the selected people in their contact list.

as noted WABetaInfoIn the latest beta version of WhatsApp, it offers advanced settings that allow you to manage the last view of the status, profile description, or photo visibility of selected contacts. These kinds of possibilities were available on Android before, and now iOS users can use them as well.

Privacy Management

Users who participate in the WhatsApp beta test can find this news on the Privacy tab in Settings. With its help, it is possible to indicate which contacts will be able (or not) to see our photo or online status. Moreover, nothing prevents you from completely limiting the visibility of specific items of our profile to all users, not just those in our contact list.

What's new in WhatsApp
Image source: WABetaInfo ©

What’s new in WhatsApp

If we can’t find the option mentioned in Settings, it’s possible that we don’t belong to the group of testers chosen to test new functionality. Initially, this feature was only released for some beta users, but it may become available to more people in the coming days.

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