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Crab Game - darmowy klon Squid Hitem Steam on Twitch

Crab Game – darmowy klon Squid Hitem Steam on Twitch

November 1, 2021, 11:14

Similar to the Squid game series, the free multiplayer Crab game has become a huge hit. Live game broadcasts are very popular on Twitch.

Quick overview of the game CRAB:

  1. Developer: Danny
  2. publisher: Danny
  3. Type: Multi-person ingenuity
  4. a program: Computer
  5. date of publication: October 29 2021

Many developers decided to take advantage of the crazy popularity squid game. We have already written projects based on Netflix series based on Roblox, mods for Minecraft and mobile games of this type. Now this mania has also hit Steam due to the success of the project called Crab game.

The title is a multiplayer production and is very popular. The game debuted on October 29, a Founded last night New activity log At a level of 33,427 players enjoying Steam at the same time. The situation briefly became a hit on Twitch? The broadcast of the matches was followed by 214,000 viewers at one point.

Production was developed by Danny Daverson with Friends. It is worth paying tribute to the fact that the creators are not trying to earn money by subscribing to the series. Crab game Because it is a completely free item. There are also no ads or micropayments.

The production offers 3D graphics and an FPP perspective. A maximum of 35 players can participate in one match. in a Crab game You’ll find 28 maps and nine game modes, similar to games from the series.

Let’s remember that squid game It is the most famous series in the history of Netflix. During the first four weeks after the premiere, the series displayed On 142 million accounts. According to analysts, the brand is already worth $891 million.

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Given the popularity of the series, it is not surprising that there are a large number of projects that are unofficial adaptations of production. Netflix also recently announced that it is considering developing its own games based on squid game.

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