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Facebook, Snap, Twitter and YouTube lost $10 billion.  by Apple

Facebook, Snap, Twitter and YouTube lost $10 billion. by Apple

Apple introduced new privacy rules for its smartphones in April of this year. In short, they come to terms with the fact that apps must ask users (via a popup) for consent to track their activity for advertising purposes.

The move – as the Financial Times writes – has hit brands like Snap, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. If users select No, Apple blocks that user’s unique identifier for advertisers (and the tool was necessary for companies to create profiles for people and target them with personalized ads).

According to Lotame – a company that specializes in advertising data, which the newspaper is referring to – only these four giants could lose a total of 12 percent as a result of the resignation of some users of the tracking option. Its advertising earnings in the third and fourth quarter. This means a loss of about 10 billion dollars. Snap incurred the largest loss in percentage terms.

In absolute numbers, the change in Apple’s privacy policy has been the most impactful on Facebook. No wonder Mark Zuckerberg sees Tim Cook as one of his biggest competitors. In March, Zuckerberg said Apple might be in a stronger position after the privacy policy changes.

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