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Barbara Baker: Family cohesion while Boris is in court

Barbara Baker
Refers to the family unit during the trial of her ex-husband, Boris

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In times like these, family is the most important thing. Barbara Becker confirmed this in an interview, while her ex-husband, Boris Becker, has to respond in court.

It’s hours of anxiety for the family patched together around tennis legend Boris Becker, 54. He is currently on trial in London and must face charges of delaying bankruptcy. A jury at Southwark Crown Court has yet to reach a verdict; In the worst case, the former athlete faces up to seven years in prison.

Barbara Baker Relies on ‘Love’ in Tough Times

Now is the time to wait and see – not just for the 54-year-old, but for his family. Meanwhile, ex-wife Barbara Becker, 55, is distracted at the “Green Awards” gala in Berlin. What helps you in stressful situations? ‘Love’ comes to mind before adding: ‘Patience is always required’.

However, in times of uncertainty like these, one thing is Americans’ top priority by choice, as she assures RTL: “I love family, family is the most important thing to me. Of course, my friends are there too of course everyone else. But we as a family are good together.” .

“Family is the most important”

She also seems to want to signal her unreserved solidarity with her ex-husband, Boris – whatever happens. However, Barbara Baker does not want to comment on his operation. “Well, of course I can’t say anything about it,” she explains and clarifies again: “In general, of course, family is the most important thing.”

Boris Becker is joined by his girlfriend Lillian and son Noah at Southwark Crown Court, London on April 6, 2022.

Boris Becker is joined by his girlfriend Lillian and son Noah at Southwark Crown Court, London on April 6, 2022.

© Tolga Akmen / AFP / Getty Images

It remains unclear when the wait for the verdict will eventually end. The jury had already retired to decide the tennis star’s future on Wednesday, April 6, 2022, but reached a dispute. The operation was initially postponed. And his girlfriend Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro supports the family man, who has always accompanied him in recent weeks. His eldest son, Noah Baker, 28, also stood by his side in court this week.

Whatever the outcome of this operation, the mixed family of Boris is behind him.

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