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DEG loses ground showdown: Bite Kölner Haie in the quarter-finals

DEG loses ground showdown: Bite Kölner Haie in the quarter-finals

DEG loses the wild confrontation
Kolner Hey chomped in the quarter-finals

A little ice hockey drama about Düsseldorf EG: The Rhinelanders lose a 4:1 lead over the Nuremberg Ice Tigers and have to go to the interval. On the other hand, Kölner Hey has already reached the quarter-finals of the German Ice Hockey League play-off.

After a poor season, Kolner Hey have reached the quarter-finals, and will play defending champions Isbern Berlin in the German Ice Hockey League from Sunday. Coach Uwe Krupp’s side also won the second game of the first playoff round against ERC Ingolstadt on Thursday with 3:2 (0:2, 2:0, 0:0) after overtime. During the regular season, Hay had serious relegation fears and only saved himself with one last strong spurt in the knockout round.

In the 10th minute of extra time, Maurice Edwards hit the Hay team in the quarter-finals with a double advantage and ended Schanzer’s season. The winner of the match was Cologne goalkeeper Justin Pog, who kept his side in the match for a long time against Ingolstadt, who was under pressure at first. Already on Tuesday, the tenth place in the preliminary round in Cologne had won the first match of the “Best of Three” series 4: 3.

The opponents of Red Bull Munich, runners-up to the preliminary round in the quarter-finals, will be determined only on Friday in the crucial third game of the second series before the pre-qualifiers between Nuremberg and Düsseldorfer AG. The Franconians forced the decisive match to 6:5 (0:3, 2:1, 3:1), also after extra time. Gregor MacLeod scored the winning goal in the eighth minute of overtime.

Previously, Dane Fox brought the Franks back, who were very undisciplined at first, back into the three-goal game. After a penalty kick in the match after a poor check by Chris Brown, Dusseldorf had already led 3-0, 4-1. DEG captain Alex Barta quarrels at MagentaSport: “Then you have to make ends meet.” “But that’s the case sometimes. We’ll be there.” Coach Harold Kress, who traveled to his native Canada on Monday due to a family emergency, is said to be there again on Friday. “The commitment and struggle of both teams is great,” Nuremberg sporting director Stefan Ostorf said after the dramatic win.

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