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Battlefield 2042 is planned without Battle Royale.  Free game can come •

Battlefield 2042 is planned without Battle Royale. Free game can come •

You distance yourself from Warzone – without fear of confrontation.

Since the huge success of the free Warzone mode in Call of Duty, players have speculated about whether Battlefield, which has always been involved in a large number of players, will also offer a Battle Royale component with the next release.

With the announcement of Battlefield 2042, that appears to be off the table at the moment, if ever. When EA and DICE presented the game to press representatives last week, the focus was on the traditional Conquest mode and Breakthrough.

In response to a question from press representatives at last week’s reveal event, DICE studio head Oscar Gabrielson replied:

“I can confirm that there are currently no plans for Battle Royale in this game. We have our ‘All-out-Warfare’ on a whole new scale in the form of Conquest and Breakthrough.” The rest will be discussed in EA Play on July 22nd.

This means a risk mode and an all-new mode from DICE LA. While the former is said to be a “new high-stakes game genre” and a “completely new”, the latter was highlighted separately in the presentation and described as a “real love letter to the series’ players” which I doubt:

There is no battle royale, even if it looks very elegant.

When asked if the new Battlefield will contain free items, Gabrielson said there is “nothing to announce today.” One should look forward to the corresponding upcoming announcements (“look forward to more to come”). So it’s very likely that DICE LA’s contribution will enter the ring as a free-to-play mode with Warzone, and not as a battle royale.

By the way, the costumes of danger also piqued my curiosity. Whenever I hear “high stakes” in a shooter, I think of smaller team-based shootings with only a few, maybe even one life. In fact, I’m thinking of Rainbow Six Siege. According to game director Daniel Berlin, the Hazard District is largely focused on “narrow team play”. “This is something completely new to the Battlefield series and completely different from the overall Warfare part of the game. And it’s not a battle royale.”

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