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Traces of the new Intel Mac Pro found in Xcode beta

Macs Pro reach a select group of users who can stick to the Intel architecture for a longer period. For them, Apple is new versions of the most powerful Apple computers (to date). Recently, there were rumors about a Mac Pro with i9, and now there are leaks about something more powerful.

Beta Xcode announces new Mac Pro version

Before the conference, there was a lot of talk about the possible premiere of the new MacBook Pro. But this did not happen. The MacBook Pro with new Apple processors and small LED-lit displays is now said to have been delayed due to delivery issues with the aforementioned screens. They likely won’t premiere until fall.

I mentioned earlier the alleged effects of the Mac Pro with i9 processors, that is, they deteriorated a little. However, this time we have clues about the Mac Pro with new processors, but the “Xeon” category.

As you can see in Xcode 13, there are traces of the latest Intel Xeon scalable processors. According to information from Intel, it can have up to 28 cores, and the design power ranges from 105W to 205W. A lot, right?

I wonder how much power will be consumed by Apple processors with similar or higher computing power, which we expect at the beginning of next year.

In any case, as promised by Apple, the transition to proprietary processors is expected to take two years. Right now, we’re almost a third into that period, and Apple has offered 4 computer models, all of them the M1. I hope that soon, that is, in the fall, the process will accelerate significantly, and the next Apple processors will emphasize the average solutions of Intel and the company.

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