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Battlefield 2042 servers are empty •

Battlefield 2042 servers are empty •

The number of players decreases rapidly.

It’s been a week and a half since Battlefield 2042’s premiere, but data from Steam and consoles indicates that the game is losing users pretty quickly.

Most active players in the last 24 hours, according to SteamDB, which contains information related to the Valve platform sum 34 thousand. On the other hand, 27.5 thousand people are currently suffering.

For comparison, at the beginning of this week, the production played 49.4 thousand users, and immediately after the premiere, more than 105 thousand fans participated in virtual clashes. Data shows that the servers of Battlefield 2042 in the Steam version are rapidly depleting.

Exact information about the number of players on the Origin platform and consoles is unknown, but the situation in the latter is evidenced by the achievement statistics. real achievements IndicatesOn Xbox consoles, only 43 percent of people have reached level 15, which usually shouldn’t be much of a challenge.

On Microsoft equipment, only level 25 reached 22 percent. Take part in the struggle. Slightly more PlayStation users have upgraded to the aforementioned level – 36 percent. – Although the result is not high either. This may mean that the group of participants in the game is also small on consoles.

The reason for Battlefield 2042’s worst results may be due to the technical issues that the shooter is experiencing. The game has been criticized for several glitches and is one of the worst rated productions on Steam and Metacritic.

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