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Beautiful havoc free.  Promotion allows you to tell an interesting story

Beautiful havoc free. Promotion allows you to tell an interesting story

GOG Pampers PC games with another allure. PC fans can download another production – this time Beautiful Desolation will be added to their collection.

GOG continues the summer promotion and encourages you to use their platform again – and gifts are often the best way to advertise. Thanks to the special offer, you can download another item that debuted on PC in 2020.

The Brotherhood, a South African independent studio, created an adventure game paired with an isometric RPG. Beautiful desolation will lead daredevils to post-apocalyptic Africa, where the decisive moment lies in the appearance of a mysterious monolith in the sky, leading to a massive technological development. Many years after the event, the task of the players will be to control and develop the two heroes.

The production originally appeared exclusively on PC and earned 76% of points – the console version (66-68%), released last year, was even worse.

The Brotherhood Studio title offers a storyline of 10 hours of gameplay. Below you will find a promotional clip for the title that shows the assumptions of the story well and can encourage you to be adventurous.

Regardless of age, there is always a game for you!
It’s time to sit back and enjoy the gaming generation of 2020
For the next 72 hours you can have a beautiful ruin.”